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Darren M. Meade, is an American journalist, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, former professional bodybuilder, and brand whisperer

Darren M. Meade's Bio:


UPDATE: January 5, 2017


Darren M. Meade is an ex-venture catalyst turned investigative reporter obsessed with helping people would wouldn't otherwise have a voice. I traded the mercenary work of revenue creation for the missionary work of helping people 4 years ago - and never looked back.


Up The Status Quo


Darren M. Meade is a creative-driven entrepreneur that builds business models that disrupt industries. Darren M. Meade is a "Master Connector to the Experts that YOU need in your business to fulfill and accelerate YOUR Dreams!

Darren M. Meade began his career as the architect of the nutrition brand MET-Rx two decades ago and since then has launched a number of successful brands.


The primary focus of Darren M. Meade's business model is centered on niche sectors in fast-growth industries and markets. He then puts in the sweat equity needed to prove out the model.  Once the model is proven out,  Darren Meade brings in a C-Level Executive team to scale the business and moves to exit. 


Here at you can read details about the companies Meade has invested in, the inner-workings of those ventures, and his ramblings on his journey as an entrepreneur and brand whisperer.




UPDATE MAY 27, 2015 


County Attorney Benjamin Smith had been directly criticized by investigative reporter       Darren M. Meade for what Meade believes were instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the way Smith handled the Tracey Richter investigation and prosecution. See more here:


 Smith was dating and is now married to prosecution "star" witness Mary Higgins daughter, Abbie (Abigail Marie Higgins). Meade criticized and questioned Mary Higgins story about "the pink notebook" and reported on Smith having sex with his trial witnesses daughter during the Tracey Richter murder trial. Darren M. Meade, also broke the story that Smith, ignored that another suspect (Michael Roberts) had confessed to hiring two-men to commit the deadly home invasion. Smith, also had a relationship Richter's now ex-husband Michael Roberts, a relationship which consisted on in-person meetings with Roberts and "tons" of phone calls a day. Smith, was a loan reference loan reference for Roberts prior to Smith prosecuting Richter. Smith, later testified that he and Roberts conspired in the filing of criminal motions against Meade. Read Smith's testimony here:


Michael Roberts is a so-called "online reputation expert", who Meade exposed on Fox News in 2012 Read more here: 


Smith, admitted the Richter case was his "life" for over a year, "20 hours a day" and that as of July 9, 2014 he had spent in excess of 1,500 hours investigating Meade for posting criticisms about him, agents and witnesses in the Richter murder case. When the day came for Prosecutor Ben Smith to face Meade's defense attorney in court, and present evidence from what Smith and Roberts conspired to silence their critic and silence Meade's reporting. Ben Smith gave up instead of fighting, after spending 1,500 hours of tax payers money and the vast resources of the State of Iowa. On the morning of the hearing, Ben Smith, filed a motion to have the court dismiss all charges against Meade, with prejudice so that no charges could ever be re-filed. The dismissal was without any conditions or in other words "no deal" was made with Meade. Watch the hearing:




Never before had a journalist been charged in Iowa (or elsewhere) for merely reporting his belief that a flawed criminal prosecution may have resulted in the incarceration (for life without the possibility of parole) of an innocent young mother.


Not only does the attempted prosecution of Meade punish him for engaging in his constitutional right to criticize public officials and report on controversies and the people involved in those controversies and the people involved in those controversies, the prosecution of Meade chills the rights of all journalist to report on matters of public concern, especially when those matters are critical of someone of with the power to criminally prosecute them if there is a disagreement with the reporting. Criminal charges are never appropriate if used to silence critical speech. Darren M. Meade said: "When we deal with the powerful, we have to make a stand. I will continue to advocate for the downtrodden with fact-based journalism."



I resigned my lucrative, Chief-Executive-Officer, position, upon learning, the Dark Side, of the Internet.


Do you know why your reputation was destroyed online? Automated cyber bullying / cyber defamation is more lucrative than drug dealing and the Reputation Management industry will make over $5 billion dollars in 2015. It's akin to someone implanting cancer in you, then offering to remove it. Since 2006, a proprietary SQL code was sold to breach private websites and change the way that search engines could find them. The so-called "cool technique", was based on a Structured Query Language or SQL. SQL is a standard programming language for managing databases, but if it's injected into somebody's website without their permission and for profit, it's illegal. SQL injections are often used in website identity theft and other cyber-attacks.

 MY NAME IS DARREN M. MEADE, AND I AM A DEAD MAN. Or so I was told when I refused to go along with a so-called "reputation management" company's plan to use weapons-grade hacking technology to help fraudsters, quacks, and other scumbags avoid being exposed online.


No matter how you slice it, there is a long line of people who will pay handsomely for their own private kill-switch on Internet free speech. Even so, every good arms dealer knows if the market isn't big enough (and it never is), you have to create new ones. The plan for that, using automated technology to generate defamatory content about individuals and corporations that value their reputations the bigger the better. We're talking about a whole new strain of WMDs weapons of mass defamation. Think about it: What if allegations of pedophilia were to pop up the next time you Google your name? Or obscene stories about your wife or your daughter? When we're talking about the potential ruin of your career, your marriage, or your child's future, money is no object and these predators know it. When the time is right, you'll get an email and it'll be Rexxfield, or, Page1me to the rescue antidote in one hand, anthrax in the other.


I was recruited as the CEO of an unrelated entity, which shared office space with this illicit enterprise. There marketing plan, torment 10-15 children per year to kill themselves. Then panic-stricken parents fearful their child might be next would pay to make the groups automated cyber bullying campaign to go away.


When I told them I would not be involved, I was offered a six-figure bribe and an equity stake in the venture. I chose option B, tendering my resignation. Shortly thereafter, I received an audio recording wherein the reputation management  operatives describe in great detail the effects a .50 caliber bullet will have on my brain  should I ever go public with this information. I suppose it's mildly amusing audio if you can ignore the fact that it's coming from someone with a history of criminal violence and who orchestrated a failed murder for hire of his ex-wife, and children.


Look, I know I can't expect you to take my word for all this, partly the Rexxfield / Page1me Management  gang have already made good on their first threat to destroy my reputation online. Go ahead Google my name. It's mud if you don't already know me. That is why I became an investigative journalist to launch an outcry against the $5 billion dollar Online Reputation Management industry whose targeting our children.


Unfortunately,  for these guys, their death threats aren't the only thing I have on tape. I have the two-hour strategy session where Rexxfield proposes how they can extort parents over their kids' futures. Here's a taste of that sermon. I also have over 20 additional hours of recordings all consensual that tie the entire operation together. They're now hosted offshore, beyond the reach of Rexxfield / Page1me,  goon attorneys, backed with detailed instructions in the event of my untimely demise. Or, for any victims who wish to sue this group and their leadership.


THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP. I am literally putting my life on the line to expose not just another Internet scam, but a threat against the very fabric of our society: The right to speak the truth and be heard. I only hope someone hears me before it's too late. Fox News, bravely published a story but then the reporter, and the agency including the threat of false criminal charges, levied by a prosecutor (Benjamin John Smith) involved with Mike Roberts.


Watch More Here:


Darren M. Meade, a CEO in 2010, identified the Online Reputation Management sector as an area of growth. Meade's efforts to reveal the dangers of ORM were featured on Fox News


Darren M. Meade,  was granted the opportunity to speak directly to the United States District Court Central District of California and address Honorable Cormac J Carney for No. SACR 07-00249-CJC at the sentencing hearing for convicted felons which were majority partners in the ORM.  Meade provided details of the organizational structure of the ORM entities and a two-step process of coupling the creation and posting of online defamatory materials in a fee-for-service of removing of the content from online consumer advocacy websites. Meade's testimony provoked an order from the court for an evidentiary hearing to discover further details on Meade's information.


Meade provided explicit details of this enterprise (including contracts, emails, and consensually recorded audio recordings of planning meetings) to the FBI and US Attorney in 2011. Here an excerpt of ORM entities and a two-step process of coupling the creation and posting of online cyber bullying materials in a fee-for-service of removing of the content from online from fearful parents worried their child may commit suicide.  (The audio recording takes 90 seconds to load.)


"My testimony to the Court has now proven true; the code has been used to silence victims, and legitimate consumer complaints about fraudulent business practices (ie - doctors practicing without proper licensing leading to deaths of patients) | plan  were made to tamper with juries in murder trials or delete content or manipulate search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo."

Darren M Meade,  said once he discovered the technology was hacking and what its implications were, he made it his mission to warn the public about the dangers this technology poses to free speech. He also understood the institutionalized repertoire of serial defamation, vexatious litigation, and death threats have all be leveled against him in a futile attempt to force him to retreat from his stated goal.


In an effort to prevent further profits from this automated Cyber Bullying campaign, Darren Mitchell Meade, provided unedited  audio tapes to Fox News. The master mind of the automated cyber bullying campaign published edited versions of the same audio recordings removing his and his main accomplice voice from the recordings of planning sessions detaling the horrors of this fear based campaign, which they called Google-Cide.


In an effort to obfuscate their actions, Michael Roberts, Janice Duffy, Bennet Kelly, and Shawn Richeson of Common Decency Inc., sued Google, Fox News, and myself.  Rexxfield, provided edited versions (removing voices of Michael Roberts & Paul Portelli) on the recordings they provided to  law enforcement and news media. To attempt to obfuscate their malefesanace and blame others (Fox News, Google,  and Darren Mitchell Meade) for the very campaign they designed.

The illicit hacking code has silenced victims world-wide by having their stories deleted on consumer advocacy websites, private servers, blogs and even tampered with juries on murder trials sending innocent people to prison.


I made it my mission to warn the public about how this illicit hacking code would was censoring the internet, and the two step process of defaming people and then extorting them for money. I also understood the institutionalized repertoire of serial defamation, vexatious litigation, and death threats have all be leveled against me in a futile attempt to force him to retreat from my stated goal.


Affiliates of Rexxfield sold fabricated data sets to attorney's attempting to either extort or sue Google in Australia. April 2011, this group asked Google for a 'reward' to end the plot against them (which they called ethical hacking). The reward was offered to end the automated cyber bullying campaign which was driving the Reputation Management industry.


The Reputation Management sector is estimated to grow to $5 billion by 2015. That was enough of a draw to have nearly 3,000 affiliates utilize the fear-based marketing program mentioned above. The entities are licensed something in geek-speak called a SQL injection code. This particular variety was created to do a number of things, including de-indexing (hiding) specific pages from search engines.


The $5 billion in Reputation Management seems like a lot, but there are bigger plays involved and they have Google in their sight. That’s right—they plan to extort Google. The fear-based marketing program was predicated on casting Google in a false light, as they say on the audio recordings, they will make Google look like the Evil Empire.


Thea determined that the suicides will eventually cause a ground swell of anger toward Google. This will open them to further attacks by Google’s competitors, setting in motion the opportunity for these Reputation Management companies and rivals of Google to garner “expert witness fees” based on junk science by testifying in defamation lawsuits against Google. They have attorneys primed to file class-action lawsuits against Google, and these lawyers will pay a large portion of the settlement fees to the very rivals of Google whom are employing key members of the Reputation Management companies.


There same Reputation Management companies are extorting wealthy individuals into paying exorbiant "SEO" fees. The M.O. is to publish particulary pernicious demeaning allegations against wealthy individuals including merchant bankers, hedge fund managers, etc. Rexxfield, Authorized Statement, and or its afflilates would pretent to be the 'good cops' and guarantee through SEO the negative materials would be removed from the Google search index very quickly, claiming they employed employees at Google. An alleged victim was "Gilled Herard Jr" of Capital Corp Merchant Bank.




 UPDATE: Michael Roberts, Janice Duffy, Shawn Richeson, Paul Portelli and Bennet Kelley of tried to silence my whistle blowing. The original lawsuit is interesting because it actually proves the criminal actions of Michael Roberts and Ben Smith against companies such as Google.



Iowa prosecutor Ben Smith had a vested interest in prosecuting and punishing his critic - investigative journalist Darren M Meade and in shutting down and removing Meade's articles that questioned Smith's ethics and tactics in wrongly convicting Tracey Richter

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Darren M. Meade's Education:

  • University of Pennsylania

    Certificate earned on January 22, 2016
    Concentration: Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera.
  • University of Pennsylavania

    Certificate earned on March 4, 2016
    Concentration: Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera.

Darren M. Meade's Interests & Activities:

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedom of Expression, Doing the Right Thing, Even When its The Hard Thing, Humanity Advocate, Litigation Support, I’m an ex-venture catalyst turned investigative reporter obsessed with helping people who wouldn't otherwise have a voice. I traded the mercenary work of revenue creation for the missionary work of helping people 4 years ago—and never looked back. Brand whisperer.

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