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Darren M. Meade is an American journalist, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, former professional bodybuilder, and brand whisperer

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Hi, I’m Darren M. Meade. I thrive on IDEAS, and in love with WORDS, and believe my skill set can bring both to life, I wake up every day and live my truth as a catalyst for brand-savvy mavericks and growth-minded professionals who want to show up in this life. When I'm not launching floundering brands to new heights, you'll find me acting half my age at a CrossFit box - and undoing the effort with a great slice of pizza while enjoying the golden age of TV Game of Thrones or Billions. Thanks for spending your time learning more about me. Come say hi--we may be future collaborators, partners, or friends!

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I’ve always considered myself to be a rebel of sorts—I've turned around multiple health and wellness startups, taking them from sales of less than one (1) million to over forty (40) million in less than two-years. I was never at peace working regular 9-5 day jobs, always yearning for more intellectual and creative fulfillment. I’m never, ever satisfied with the status quo. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my disruptive nature. Impatiently devouring knowledge while working across companies and functions enabled me to birth my own ventures. My belief that there is a better way to integrate work and play motivates me to share my philosophy with others through speaking and writing. My passion for Justice, lights a fire beneath everything I do. Today, I help transform companies into beloved brands. Also, my work on 'Justice' is a searing corrective in a society that often fails to question prosecutorial power and the injustices possible when prosecutors put winning ahead of civil rights. Thanks for spending your time learning more about me. Come say hi—we may be future collaborators, partners, or friends!

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